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Website Roles

It takes many skills to build and operate a successful website. An eCommerce site that forms a significant part of a business will require the following roles to be fulfilled:

  • Website manager
  • Project manager
  • Hosting provider
  • Web developer
  • Web designer
  • User experience designer
  • Content writer
  • Administrator
  • SEO consultant
  • Marketer
  • Tester
  • 3rd party software provider
  • Payment processor

Combinations of the above will often be provided by a single organisation or individual but rarely if ever will a single organisation provide them all. A single organisation may provide project management, design, development and marketing, but there will still exist a separate hosting company, 3rd party software providers, payment processors and of course overall management. You will need to liase with a number of organisations to develop and market a successful website.

Once development of a site is complete, we find many organisations without technical staff are confronted by one or both of the following circumstances:

  • The providers who developed the site are uninterested or unavailable
  • They wish to change provider without business interruption

Changing Providers

We take care of all of the above situations for you, liasing with providers or pointing you in the right direction for what you want to achieve. There is never any confusion about your options, as we remain independent of your provider, and can advise you of available choices.

Development Projects vs. Maintenance

While you are changing providers, or moving from development providers to ongoing maintenance, we will ensure your online business keeps running throughout the transition. For ongoing maintenance, we will happily project manage individual developers on your behalf. Once it comes to developing a new site, we will work closely with you to find appropriate providers and keep you informed of technical considerations.

3rd Party Software

There will usually exist multiple 3rd party software vendors on whom parts of the website system rely. For example, the website content management system will usually rely on components from multiple vendors. We will need to record all of these dependencies, so that appropriate action can be taken in an emergency, should a critical element of the site fail.

Hosting Company

Hosting companies will usually offer a combination of an account manager and a technical support team, who will be able to assist with matters relating to the hosting's continued operation and any problems with it. Hosting company staff are unable to help out with matters relating to the website itself. This is standard in the industry, since the skills are a completely different set.


There will be one or more administrators, responsible for the day to day running of the site. These will generally be members of your own organisation. We will need to know who the administrators are, and ensure that they are trained to carry out the necessary tasks. We may need to rely on the experience of your administrators in times of crisis, since they are responsible for knowing the website content and internal procedures.

Administrator Training and Internal Procedures

We are able to help with finding training for your staff to learn how to administer your website. We can assist you in developing internal systems and procedures to administer your site's daily activities.

Further Information

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