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Website Management Outsourcing

The accepted industry term for the service we provide is "Website Management Outsourcing" or WMO. Wikipedia defines Website Management Outsourcing as "the contracting of the management of a website and entire online environment to a third-party service provider". This is an accurate description of what we provide. We will contract to you to take care of your website and related online facilities; such as email services, payment gateways and social network profiles. Maintaining a clear picture of your setup, and being on-call to keep it in good running order at all times.

The introduction goes on to state that websites "now require the skills of designers, developers, hosts, project managers, editors and marketing experts". This is very accurate. The needs of a successful mission-critical website are diverse and impossible to manage effectively without a clear technical understanding of how these elements fit together. Our Dedicated Technical Manager Nigel Peck has twenty years experience with this kind of management, and is excited to offer those services as a package to you, independent of the providers themselves, so that we may remain committed to the best interests of your organisation.

With regards to hosting, we feel that it is helpful for us to have a partner organisation to offer you, with whome we have experience and a close relationship. As such, we have partnered with UKFast for managed hosting. This means that your website hosting will be taken care of 24 hours a day by a dedicated team who we have worked with for a number of years, backed by their experienced support staff. Should you need to host elsewhere, or simply prefer an alternative provider, then we will be more than happy to work with them.

What is WMO?

The primary responsibility of a website management outsourcing organisation is to ensure that the business objectives of the organisation are taken care of at all times. They provide technical insurance; to see the organisation through times of changing providers or complex technical difficulties involving multiple providers. But more than that, to be the place that the organisation should look for any matter that relates to their website. The role of a WMO is to take the confusion out of having a mission-critical website, and to take responsibility for the ongoing operation and management of the website.

Who coined the term?

According to the Wikipedia article mentioned above, the term "Website Management Outsourcing" was coined in January 2006, "during a speech at the Internet Business Networking Conference in London".

Further Information

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