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A Better Term: Website Management Consultancy

As discussed elsewhere on our website, the industry term for our service is "website management outsourcing". We prefer to call it "website technical management" or just "website management", but that is not ideal. A better term would be "website management consultancy", were it not for the overbearing implication that there is a relationship to the "management consultancy" industry, which there is not. Let us take a look at why that would be a better term.

What is our Service?

Working with providers and organisational management, we ensure the business processes of a client's website are operational on a continuous basis. There are a number of aspects to this, which can be broken down as:

  • Website Technical Layers
  • Administration
  • Project Management
  • Maintenance
  • Marketing

It is our role to direct your intentions appropriately as you pursue your business objectives online. The level of involvement that we have in this process will depend on your needs.


A better term for our service would be "website management consultancy", since we are primarily consultants in the management of websites. However, as mentioned in the introduction, the use of the term is not practical at present, since "management consultancy" is such an established industry with its own definition of the term, disconsonant with its natural meaning.

Further Information

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