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This page showcases testimonials we have received about our work. - 23 March 2017

We were pleased to receive the following testimonial from Johnny Nguyen at after helping out with moving his site over to HTTPS.

“I found Nigel through StackOverflow because he offered the best answer to my website migration and redirection concerns. Working with Nigel has been an absolute pleasure. Utmost professionalism and top-of-the-minute communication, great service, great response times...and will take care of your online business better than you can. I am so glad I trusted him with my HTTPS migration issues as well as advice on SEO matters, WordPress redirection, and any other web development questions that came to mind. He's a well-rounded server admin with expertise in many other areas. If there was ever a challenge outside of his scope, he was honest enough to let me know and also resourceful enough to link me to the appropriate experts. My project was painstakingly thought out, everything carefully outlined and methodically planned out, with every possible area of concern documented and discussed beforehand. Despite the many hiccups, all my issues were resolved and lots of stress relieved after being hand-held by Nigel every step of the way.”

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