We offer a comprehensive service providing everything that is needed to put your business online.

Working from an agreed monthly budget, we completely remove the hassle of getting your business online and generating revenue.

Anything that you need for your online presence is taken care of directly by a dedicated consultant. The only thing that you will need to think about is running your business.

Your Happiness is Guaranteed

We guarantee that you will be happy to have our service take part of your marketing budget (or all of it). This is because you will see the ongoing enquiries and business generated from the site, which we will enable you to monitor in a way that you find useful.

Many CEOs that we work with enjoy receiving a monthly report with only the info that they actually need, delivered by email or in-person by video or voice call.

You will have as much or as little involvement as you wish to have with your site. It remains your responsibility to ensure that your monthly investment is used to its capacity.

And the capacity from our side is really unlimited. If you want more business and the market can stand it then we will simply scale as needed. There are hundreds of online channels that can be used and we have access to consultants who can support us with any online venture that you wish to undertake.

With that said, our speciality is organic search traffic, which we have expertise in going as far back as the 1990’s with zero rate of failure to achieve satisfactory results for all concerned.


Does this mean that I will magically make money online? Don’t I have to do anything?

It depends. It is certainly possible to reach a stage where the system that we provide for you is stable and with minimal maintenance work for you.

But our job is to run your online presence, not to take care of your marketing (although we can do that too as a separate service).

So it will be up to you to tell us what to put on your site. You will need to provide the content and as much input as you can on how it should be presented. At least knowing the needs of your customers as a minimum.

You will still get back only from that which you put in. It remains your business after all.