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About Sharp Hosting

Sharp Hosting is based in the UK and operated by Nigel Peck. Founded in 2015, our aim is to provide comprehenisve website management services to organisations whose websites form an essential part of their day to day operations. Our primary focus is on ensuring that our clients' online activities remain fully operational at all times, including all online marketing that is in place, and their online business concerns taken care of. Nigel is experienced working with clients for whom organic search engine positioning is a key concern, having carried out successful search marketing campaigns in a number of industries over the last twenty years.

Website Manager - Nigel Peck

Our dedicated website manager is Nigel Peck. Nigel has been designing and developing websites since 1995 and working independently on websites since 2002. Before starting Sharp Hosting, he operated MIS Web Design. He is an experienced software, systems and network engineer. In 2015 he began Sharp Hosting to focus on the provision of dedicated website management services.

Nigel has a very broad range of experience covering the web, internet, computing in general and other related disciplines. He has extensive experience with website administration, search engine marketing, web systems development and project management, business operations, database and server management, website accessibility and usability, technical writing and training.

More information about Nigel can be found on his LinkedIn Profile. You can also find him participating in technical discussion on Stack Overflow, as SuperDuperApps.

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